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The Nature’s Way Kids Smart range offers parents an easy and convenient way of giving their children essential nutrients for learning, vitality and behaviour. NATURE’S WAY KIDS SMART ... Growing Healthy Kids.



Sugar Content Facts


Do Kids Smart VitaGummies contain sugar?

Yes, they do but relatively little. In fact, one Kids Smart Vita Gummie contains approximately ¼ teaspoon of sugar. That’s about the same amount of sugar you’d find in a sip of orange juice or in just two teaspoons of kids fruit yoghurt.


Why do Kids Smart VitaGummies contain sugar?

Two reasons. The first is that we think that a small amount of natural sugar is a better choice for young, growing and developing children than artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols or chemicals. The other reason is taste, to improve compliance thereby helping parents bridge any nutritional gaps that they feel their children may have. The sugar content is negligible compared to many other food products eaten by children.


What is the recommended daily intake of free sugars: 

Based on World Health Organisation¹,  a growing healthy kid is recommended to have a maximum of 39g per day². 1 gummie = 1g.




Supplements should not replace a balanced diet and should only be considered when a parent is concerned that their child’s dietary vitamin intake is not adequate.


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  2. 2. NHMRC. Nutrient Reference Values for Australia and New Zealand. Calculated on a 4 year old boy with moderate physical activity level. 2007